M & A Consultation

We assist companies, private equity funds, and SWF’s looking to acquire or divest affiliates or operating divisions and to establish or dissolve partnerships.   We provide strategy and counsel from early stage planning to closing, working with your management, your legal counsel, your accountants and your bankers.    

As your strategic  advisor, we can help you realize the maximum value of transactions by counseling you on the structure, location, and management of the activity in which you plan to  engage.

While we not provide legal, tax, or investment banking services, we can advise you with respect to  business, political, economic and other considerations that often adversely affect M&A transactions and can ultimately result in controversy and failure.  Similarly, we can help you manage partnerships strategically with your joint venture partner and avoid disputes before they develop into full-scale controversies. 

For companies that are considering an M&A transaction, and wish to discuss the possibilities informally, we’re available for preliminary discussions to educate you as to the process and to assist you with the selection of counsel, investment bankers, accountants, and other advisers.

We’re happy to discuss these processes with you.  Contact us.

M&A Consultation Services

  • Valuation  Review – We’ll help you  demonstrate profitability and potential, and  maximize shareholder value in the eyes of prospective purchasers.
  • New Business Development – Train you to generate new business and referrals
  • Presentation Advisors – We’ll help you put your company in the very best light and help you to design effective presentations for prospective buyers.
  • Turnaround Review – We can help your company or your investment use proven management techniques for profitability and growth prior to sale, or help you turn around a failing investment.
  • Deal Finders – Find buyers, merger targets, or acquisition opportunities
  • Negotiators – Develop term sheets and contracts, and assist you in leading the negotiations