Planning, Strategy & Structuring

We assist private equity funded start-ups,  small and medium sized companies  maintain in their portfolio to determine the scope of their market, their most suitable financing, and the most effective entity structures.  We will help your investment bankers to model anticipated returns using correlative economic indicators for the region or country where the portfolio company will operate or in the market where it will operate.

Whether you are a sole proprietorship or a group of investors, a private equity fund or a SWF, we will work with your legal counsel and your tax advisors to suggest business structures that will maximize the value and after-tax returns of your  investment while safeguarding essential assets like intellectual property and other intangibles like key customer, supplier, and banking relationships.

If you’re a foreign PE fund or an investor making your first foray into an acquisition, or optical_illusion_RE_Contest_Optical_illusions-s370x340-12651if you’re simply moving into an unfamiliar niche industry, we can help you choose cost-effectve legal, accounting, and investment banking advisers.

We will help you realize new markets by defining the nature of your products in ways you may not have even thought about, so that your enterprise can supply customers you likely never even considered.

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