Across the country…

We monitor economic data produced by the Federal Reserve, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and  other government and private providers of economic information to determine the overall trend of the national economy.  We also review data from the Fed’s 13 regional banks, state governments, and other local data sources to measure the relative health of regional and state economies where our clients have interests.

Each quarter, our clients receive our general analysis of the short, medium, and long term expectations of the nation’s regional economies based on economic data and local political considerations.  Clients may opt to receive more detailed and comprehensive state-level data on a subscription

Additionally, we can be engaged to provide our analysis of the economic and political environment of localities where prospective real estate investments, offices, or research or manufacturing centers are being considered, either for expanding US companies or for inbound foreign investors looking for a US location.   Our analysis will estimate the likelihood of future property tax and fee increases, additional regulatory cost compliance, and the likelihood that government might impose an unfunded mandate, such as state or city legislation enhancing the Americans with Disabilities Act, on a business location.

Finally, we are available on a contract basis to advise and assist both US and foreign companies in managing their intercompany pricing documentation with controlled or controlling foreign affiliates as required under US tax and customs laws.

…and across the world.

Just as we monitor the US economy, we monitor the economies of major US trading partners in the EU and Asia or wherever our clients may have a need for market and economic intelligence.  For clients with special interest or planned investment in, or marketing to, any individual foreign trading partner, we can provide detailed market and economic intelligence from a network of country specialists on a contract or subscription basis.