Web & Social Media Promotion

Connecting you to the world…

We can help you build your brand identity across the web with  website designs, as well as customized pages on facebook®, Twitter®, YouTube®  and other social media.  We can also help you update your graphics, produce entirely new designs, and help you to produce scripted content for your YouTube® channel, including providing backdrops with your custom logo embedded.

If you are a business, not-for-profit organization, a political campaign, or a club we can design web outreach to keep your customers, contributors,  supporters or members in contact with customized e-mail, fund-raising, and web content.

After its constructed, we’ll help you maintain your website not only with technical improvements, but by suggesting new messagning on matters of importance to your followers.  We can even help you develop content for new web pages, mailings, or tweets.

….and to a community.

We can help you strategically identify prospective customers, clients, supporters, members and contributors with customized mailing lists to find members of your interest base. Our mass mailing specialists will help you design cost-efficient “snail-mail” packets that get prospects into the envelope where they will find customized content, copy, and and other eye-catching documents we have prepared for you.

We can also help you build a web-based platforms for your unique interest base from the ground up by promoting you in web venues that have special appeal to your target market.

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