Survey & Polling

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, and the problem is I do not know which half”

– Lord Leverhulme 1851-1925, British founder of Unilever

Imagine if  “The Jerry Springer Show” had advertisements for a stock broker.  Or if MTV was advertising Viagra.  Imagine a political candidate advertising on a children’s Saturday morning cartoon program.

Those are obvious examples of messaging and advertising dollars that are simply wasted because they are directed to the wrong market.  But you would be amazed how much of your advertising, public relations, and communications budget is wasted in just that fashion.

Should your real estate development be targeted to newlyweds or retirees?  Should your CEO take the interview with Town & Country or Modern Retirement? 

We can help you anwer those kinds of questions, to help you figure which “half of the money [you] spend on advertising is wasted”.

We work with our affiliate polling partner to design surveys among the general population or for a targeted audience to determine opinions relevant to your community of interest, what we call your “interest base”.   Then, we  measure the effectiveness of your messaging and use survey results to help you refine or change elements of your media campaign or to find better, more effective platforms to reach your audience.