Strategic & Crisis Communications

Bringing You to Market

We help clients conceive and design a communications strategy that  will deliver their message across an array of platforms, from television and radio to social media and blogs.

Whether you are promoting a business, an investment, a product, a cause, or a candidate, we can help you refine your message for a targeted audience and build  a community of followers (what we call an  “interest base”.)

We can fashion the media presence of your executive management and other leaders by drafting or reviewing your speeches, presentations, web communications and press releases.  We can arrange to train your leaders to effectively communicate your message with radio, television, and live audiences with our “Executive Communications Boot Camp”, where they will be critiqued in various communications scenarios, including one-on-one TV interviews, press conferences, and speeches.

Crisis Communications

The first call you make after ensuring the life and safety of your customers, clients, investors and property is to us.  We’ll help you frame your message, explain your position, and put forth your anticipated remedy.  With your counsel, we’ll reach out to public officials and government agencies to ensure the integrity of your brand and limit the damage from prospective sanctions against your company, your executives, and your employees.  We’ll ensure that media coverage is accurate and put your company in the very best possible light. Then, we’ll follow-up to restore your image to good standing after the crisis has passed and any shortcoming has been corrected.