Customer,Client & Supporter Affinity

We help our clients build a loyal web-based community  among their customers, their clients, their investors, and their supporters  — what we call your “interest base”.   We can establish and maintain a “bare bones” interest base community on facebook, or create a more sophisticated web-based community that would allow direct mass e-mail distribution, fund-raising, surveying, and other community tools.

Whether you are a business, a private equity fund, a political campaign, or a not-for-profit group, your interest base will be kept up-to-date on all the developments you wish to disperse.

If you wish to build an interest base “from scratch” for your company, your cause, or your campaign, we can assist you with targeted mailing lists, social media, web ads, earned media and other tools and strategies to attract prospective members of your interest base and build a cost-effective  loyal community of followers.