We provide an array of services to promote businesses, whether you are a CEO of an operating comany or a private equity manager overseeig the affairs of a portfolio company.  We can manage your general promotion, advocate for particular issues that may be of concern, assist with your  governmental relations, write your speeches (and train you in the art of effective delivery), develop your presentation skills and prepare you for a television appearance or direct the strategy for your most critical crisis communications.

We specialize in taking complicated concepts and data and simplifying them for a mass general interest audience.  As business consultants as well as media professionals, we are uniquely qualified to assist you with your preparation for shareholder meetings,  board meetings, customer and client proposals, media interviews, and other instances where you need to communicate complex concepts in a limited time.  Since we’re business consultants as well as media specialists, you won’t have to educate us about fundamental business concepts as with many other PR and media firms.  Moreover, our ability to galvanize your organization’s hard data into charts, graphics and other presentation materials  will illustrate and clarify your messaging for meetings, your website or your business plan.

We plan entire media campaigns for businesses, not-for-profits, political candidates, and interest groups either on a contract basis or as part of an ongoing relationship.  Our survey capability and our expertise developing targeted mailings allows us to find your most likely prospects as customers and supporters.  We can help maintain and grow the good standing of your brand, your cause, or your campaign with your customers, clients, and supporters with web tools and communications that will keep you front-and-center in the public mind.For consumer-oriented companies, we can help you develop your  trademark, your trade dress, and your brand.  Then, we’ll help you to  enhance its value with the general public and key markets by the very best “advertising” there is: getting favorable coverage in the general media and trade and professional magazines.  We can also guide you through the labyrinth of paid advertising to ensure that you reach your  targeted audience in the most cost-effective method.

We invite you to examine the individual menu items under this category for the specific services we provide.