Our Services

The Stuyvesant Square Consultancy offers a suite of services by subscription or contract to private investors, family offices, private equity funds, pension funds, SWF’s, businesses, governments, and NGO’s to help them navigate the economic, business, media, and political environments where they operate or where they have interests.

Whether you are a private investor looking to invest in a business or a foreign sovereign wealth fund, or an operating company, we can help guide you through the phalanx of business, governmental, political, and economic risks you might face in making an acquisition, disposing a business, securing a permit, or fighting off an unwanted tender offer.

If you are a  a  government or not-for-profit agency, we can use our sophisticated surveying and grass-roots organizing  expertise to refine your message,  build coalitions, and advance the social and political cause you hope to advance.

We bring an array of sophisticated experts in business, economics, market research, security, politics, and media relations to work in collaboration with your management and your legal and financial advisors to offer services usually found in only the largest and most sophisticated companies.