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  08/12/2016 –Top 5 Reasons You MUST Have India In Your Portfolio 06/24/2016- SeekingAlpha:  The Brexit Vote Is A Buying Opportunity – Here’s Why * 03/11/2016 – The Daily Caller: The Grand Lie of Returning US Manufacturing Jobs 10/15/2015 – Observer: To

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“Winning” and “Losing” Sectors of the US Economy in the Event the GOP Wins Control of the Senate

2014 MiidTerms

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Sunday Stuy: Top Five Management Lessons from the Dewey & LeBoeuf Failure

  The New Yorker’s recent article about the events leading to the bankruptcy of Dewey & LeBoeuf could be a business school case study in things that should be avoided in a professional practice.  While Dewey & LeBoeuf was a

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Apple’s Tax Bite Is Cut by Tax Accounting, Not the Tax Code


By J.G. Collins Posted: May 29, 2013, 06:30 With all due respect to Senators Levin, McCain, and the others on the Senate Permanent Committee on Investigations, Apple, Inc., is, indeed, avoiding taxes, albeit legally.  What the senators seem to overlook

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