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  08/12/2016 –Top 5 Reasons You MUST Have India In Your Portfolio 06/24/2016- SeekingAlpha:  The Brexit Vote Is A Buying Opportunity – Here’s Why * 03/11/2016 – The Daily Caller: The Grand Lie of Returning US Manufacturing Jobs 10/15/2015 – Observer: To

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“Winning” and “Losing” Sectors of the US Economy in the Event the GOP Wins Control of the Senate

2014 MiidTerms

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Eric Cantor’s Primary Loss Reflects a Global Trend That Can Affect Investment Portfolios


By J.G. Collins NEW YORK (June 17, 2014) – House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s stunning loss in the Virginia 7th Congressional District Republican primary should be less surprising than it was. Coming on the heels of Thad Cochran’s initial primary

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Sunday Stuy: Top Five Reasons the United States Should Not Intervene in the Ukraine “Crisis”


By J.G. Collins As the media and the Obama White House put on their war paint to advise us of the “danger” of the “crisis” in the Crimea, its important to remember that none of what Russia is doing will

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The Most Expensive Political Scandal of the Century?


Forget “Bridgegate” or the IRS Tea Party scandal. There may be a bigger, far more costly, far more damaging scandal that may be ready to burst on the scene in just a matter of months. This week, allegations came to

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Sunday Stuy: It’s Not Twilight for Twitter

One couldn’t help but be amused by the myopic view of those analysts who downgraded Twitter late last year.  The drop in Twitter shares the last few days of 2013 shows just how unimaginative stock analysts can be. As they

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Sunday Stuy: China’s Dangerous Provocation

By J.G. Collins NEW YORK (November 24th)- On November 17, Newsweek carried a story with the headline, “Obama’s Asia Pivot Fails to Materialize”. Newsweek’s Benny Avni challenged,  “What has the ballyhooed pivot actually changed? Does the policy really mean Washington

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Sunday Stuy: Top Five Management Lessons from the Dewey & LeBoeuf Failure

  The New Yorker’s recent article about the events leading to the bankruptcy of Dewey & LeBoeuf could be a business school case study in things that should be avoided in a professional practice.  While Dewey & LeBoeuf was a

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Sunday Stuy: The Other “Two Cities” in the NYC Mayoral Race

Bill DeBlasio is right: New York City really is “two cities”.  But his version of a “rich” New York City and a “poor” New York City has always been the case, not only in New York but in every other

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Sunday Stuy: Anthony Weiner Won’t Quit. And Neither Would You.


By  J.G. Collins For reasons I’ll discuss, ultimately, Anthony Weiner has no choice but to see the New York City mayoral race through to the end.  His private transgressions, while  despicable, pale in comparison to his Democrat predecessors and colleagues

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