Raghavan Mayur, Executive Vice President – Surveys, Polling and Analysis

Raghavan Mayur, who  goes by “Mayur”, is the Executive Vice President of Surveys, Polling and Opinion for The Stuyvesant Square Consultancy.

Mayur has built a nationally recognized reputation as an expert pollster and researcher on public opinion and political issues. During the last three presidential elections, Mayur was recognized as the nation’s most accurate pollster in both the 2004 and 2008 elections.  The  New York Times named him the most accurate pollster in the 2012 presidential election. His 2012 predictions caused  BusinessWeek  to feature him  in an article entitled, “The Little Known Pollster That Bested All the Others.”

He has directed the monthly TechnoMetrica Institute for Politics and Policy poll for Investor’s Business Daily and The Christian Science Monitor since 1996. The poll gauges public opinion on a number of pertinent political issues and topics, including presidential leadership, the direction of the country, consumer sentiment and topical issues such as ObamaCare.

Mayur founded TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence in 1992 as, a full-service market research consultancy. The company has conducted opinion research projects for various companies and industries, including BMW, Jaguar, Verizon, the US Postal Service, Investor’s Business Daily, and The Christian Science Monitor.

Mayur has been featured as a polling analyst on a number of news programs, including CNBC and Fox News. He has also appeared on many radio programs and has written opinion pieces concerning political issues that reflect his polling.  In 2013, Politico named Mayur as one of its “50 Politicos to Watch.

Mayur’s professional background is in engineering.  He is a graduate of Loyola College (India) and received his BS in Civil Engineering from the Birla Istitute of Technology and Science (India). He holds an MS in Environmental Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and has completed all the course work (but for the dissertation) for a PhD in Operations Research. He has taught Database Management Systems at the graduate level and undergraduate Statistics.