Michael Scroccaro, Senior Vice President – Media Strategies & Management

Michael Scroccaro offers nearly two decades of creative, branding, and media strategy experience in business, government, politics and public affairs, commencing in his native Canada.

He has created marketing solutions for companies as diverse as Labatt’s beer, Universal Music, Nike and Dell Computers.  In government and politics, he has served in various high-level communications and policy positions for the Ontario Provincial Government and the Government of Canada.

Michael has advised political candidates on three continents in media communications and political strategy, including Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott and US presidential candidate Mitt Romney.  He has worked in over 300 smaller political campaigns.  His clientele have included a diverse array of organizations and individuals, including a trade union, a university, a well-known American entertainer and a national political and policy organization.

Michael designs and delivers a full suite of scalable earned and paid media campaigns, from “one shot” engagements and consultations to full “turnkey” media, messaging, branding and advertising campaigns.  His work includes creating and directing TV and radio spots and buying airtime in targeted media, print design and delivery, direct mail, and social media campaigns, as well as other marketing and campaign collateral.  He also creates attention-getting layouts for print and electronic media and develops unique and iconic logos and brands for businesses, marketing and political campaigns.

Under his pen name, “Michael Prell”,  Michael has been a prolific author and commentator whose writings and commentaries have appeared in CNN, The New York Times, and The Hill as well as other notable publications and journals.