J.G. Collins, Managing Director

Before establishing The Stuyvesant Square Consultancy, J.G. Collins spent some 30 years building a career in executive and consulting financial roles, with a particular emphasis in business taxation. His experience spans work for Fortune 100 companies, one of the former “Big Eight” international accounting firms, and client service for large middle-market public accounting firms.

He has advised domestic and foreign clients in the tax-efficient structuring of legal entities, effective tax rate planning, mergers and acquisitions, corporate reorganizations, treasury operations, financial instruments, international taxation, tax accounting under GAAP, state and local taxation, and sales and miscellaneous taxes. He has managed countless federal and state tax audits to successful resolutions for clients.

His experience spans a diverse array of industries, including private equity, motion pictures and music entertainment, fashion, real estate, publishing, technology development, retail, and oil and gas. Mr. Collins conceived and branded the specialty industry entertainment practice of one of the nation’s leading accounting firms and oversaw the business tax marketing program for business enterprises of another large regional firm.

Mr. Collins’  marketing collateral and published articles have been extraordinarily well received because of  his ability to present intricate and complex aspects of tax, business, policy, and politics  in clear, concise, easily understandable prose devoid of jargon and irrelevant detail.

An astute, data-driven observer of  business, politics and economics, Mr. Collins has advised political candidates and public officials on campaign, political and policy matters for more than two decades, and has twice been a delegate to his political party’s national quadrennial convention to nominate the American president.

His expertise as a champion debater and orator in his student days, along with his savvy marketing expertise, has allowed Mr. Collins to coach private and public sector executives and candidates on public speaking, speech writing, message development and successful business presentations. Campaign collateral he developed for political campaigns has been used in university courses as an “excellent example of persuasive campaign advertising”.

Mr. Collins holds degrees in Economics and Accounting from the Stern School of Business,  New York University.  His elective coursework included a number of political science courses, including International Politics, International Organizations, European Politics and other more basic political science courses.

Selected Publications, Presentations, Letters and Remarks

Greek Elections Could be Trouble for European Debt Holders  Forbes Opinion (January 24, 2015)

Phase Out the Export Import Bank, Forbes Opinion (January 8, 2015)

Welcome to the Global Market, The American Conservative (September, 2007)

Point Kerry has Made Best is that US Corporate Tax Law is incomprehensible (Letter), Financial Times (July 26, 2005)

International Tax Compliance for Auditors and CFO’s , The Tax Adviser (AICPA, December 31, 2009)

Small and Medium Enterprises Should Consider Making Advance Pricing Agreements , The Tax Adviser (AICPA, September 30, 2010)

Cross Border Tax Issues (Note) , The Journal of Accountancy (February, 2010)

The Fight in Iraq (Letter), Commentary Magazine (October, 2004)

A Perilous Pacific Under China (Letter), New York Post (April 14, 2011)

Politics for Millionaires? (Letter), New York Times (September 10, 2000)

Privately Published (Training Materials and Marketing Collateral):

Private Equity / Venture Capital Partnerships with Foreign Investments ( Training Presentation, 2001) 

Health Care Bill: More 1099’s; More Focus on State Tax Filings Likely (Co-author, 2010)

New U.S. Withholding Tax Guidelines (Co-author, 2002)

Recent IRS Advice Highlights Difficulties in Obtaining Deduction for Contract Research & Development (2002)