Join Us as a Guest Blogger

We  accept submissions from guest bloggers on important topics related to our work.  If you have expertise in Economics, Finance, Banking, communications, politics, or policy matters, or if you have country or regional expertise,  and would like to reach an influential audience of business leaders and policymakers,  please submit your essay of no more than 2,000 words to together with your CV and at least two references who can attest to your expertise.  Be sure to include your telephone number.

Generally, we will publish only submissions that reflect your particular area of expertise or experience.  We only rarely publish submission that reflect opinion unless they are supported by facts and data that are sufficisent to make an overwhelmingly persuasive case in support of your opinion.  (For example, an article entitled “Defense Spending Should be Cut!” would likely not be accepted; however, an article saying “Defense Spending Should be Cut Because it Will Cause the USA to Become Insolvent by 2xxx”, and has budget and demographic data to make a compelling case would be accepted.

All submissions must be in English.  We reserve the right to edit all submissions.   You will contact you only if your submission is accepted for publication on our blog.